Rhode Island Shellfish Now Apart of Richmond Market


RI shellfish is now becoming Richmond Market over at 5 Kingstown Road, Richmond, RI 02898

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 9am-2pm
Call 401-539-3000 for more information



Richmond Farms was founded & deeply rooted in the belief that patrons deserve “BETTER” when food shopping for families. ~ QUALITY, PRICING, & SERVICE ~ are not mere words BUT regiments that we practice daily.

We're going to change the way you grocery shop. Cutting out the middleman and buying direct from suppliers, we are able pass along the savings to you via “Better Pricing”. We pride ourselves on impeccable service and store cleanliness as we consider all patrons an extension of family. Hourly inspections, cleanings and simple kind gestures (carrying out groceries, providing recommendations, etc.) are witnessed time & time again by many of our shoppers. If we wouldn't bring it home to our family we won't sell it you yours!



We started in 2016 making a true Rhode Island Stuffie that represents the way that good seafood was made years ago. Using a recipe handed down from generation to generation we set out on a journey to bring these Stuffies to market for the consumer to enjoy just like we did growing up in Rhode Island. We begin by hand shucking only the nest local quahogs and grinding the meats to the perfect consistency. We combine these quahog meats with our very own pork sausage, delicious local vegetables, crackers and spices. Using only the perfect size quahog shell we stuff each one by hand with our delicious stuffing. From there we vacuum pack each Stuffie to ensure the freshest product reaches the consumer. At Rhode Island Shellfish Company we pride ourselves in continuing this great seafood legacy that is ingrained in local tradition, and hope you enjoy our product.

Stay Tuned by Visiting www.richmondrimarket.com

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